The Lyncu Story

Lyncu is the core collaboration between Pembrokeshire entrepreneur Daron Paish and Dutch marketing specialist Paul Lakatos.

Paul first arrived in Newport Pembrokeshire at the end of 2010, staying at Daron’s Golden Lion Restaurant & Inn to celebrate the New Year with some friends. They had selected West Wales on a whim, but a heady few days was enough to persuade Paul to return at the earliest opportunity. After another glorious stay that Easter, he was galvanised to return in the summer to walk the length of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

The trek proved inspirational: experiencing all the beauty of Pembrokeshire en route, Paul felt energised to find a way of celebrating and promoting everything the area had to offer. In conversation with Daron, this desire evolved into something bolder and wide- ranging: Lyncu; a multi-purpose online members network that sits across all digital platforms, bringing the authentic qualities of any local community - its unique businesses and products, its career opportunities, its hidden gems, and all vital amenities, news, and events – to the world.

Lyncu has been developed in tandem with Unc Inc. Unc Inc is an innovative creative digital agency located in Amsterdam, catering to the European market. They provide Lyncu with a highly accessible and easy to use website and app, using the most up-to-date digital technology. Features include:

  • Deals
  • Discoveries
  • Diaries.

The core platform revolves around a Geo-location tool that locates the member and provides them with Deals, Discoveries and Diaries in any given locality: Deals to promote the finest local small and medium independent businesses; Discoveries of opportunities and services; Diaries for local events and initiatives. In short, access to the finest qualities an area has to offer, at the click of a button.

Beyond a search engine.

Lyncu moves beyond the model of a simple search engine, providing tools to help its partners to prosper in both the local and global marketplace: there is an online lounge, where business members can access tips and tools for success with training webinars; keep weekly video journals for customers and business partners; as well as our basic easy 4-step template to upload their public deals, discoveries and diaries. Likewise a customer lounge provides public members with access to their own classifieds, adverts and local offers. In all cases, Lyncu moderators provide a filter to make sure all content reflects the finest the community has to offer.

Across all digital platforms.

Lycnu can be accessed across all digital platforms: desktop and mobile devices, on both phone and tablet, meaning it is flexible to be used from home in your own community but also when going further afield, as a tool to discover what other areas have to offer. It utilises Google Maps as it’s Geo-locator, and users can link their details across all other mainstream social media, making the local global, and the global local.
In essence, these technical specifics reflect the spirit of Lyncu: aiming to support the finest independent local businesses and the community they serve, providing them with a tool to aid sustainable growth and enduring prosperity.

Lyncu’s workforce embodies this same ethos: led by Paul and Daron in collaboration with the technical wizardry of Unc Inc, a team of ten young Pembrokeshire based graduates are providing the energy behind the project. It is this magic combination of experience and young talent that will drive the project forward – Lyncu will continue to provide jobs and opportunities for young people as we expand, insisting on utilising local resources whenever and wherever possible.

We are thrilled to be announcing the launch of Lyncu. We firmly believe this business will provide Pembrokeshire, then Wales, and beyond that the wider UK, with a model that celebrates the best our communities have to offer and enables them with the means to sustain their successes into the future.

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